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What is a Support Group?

A support group consists of several people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement, comfort and advice. At Greengate the facilitator leading the group is a professional practitioner.


Why do we need them?

Support groups are not Group Therapy sessions, and are run by a facilitator trained to encourage members to speak out, and often offer practical tips and advice to help members cope with their situation. Support groups connect people with common issues, and help alleviate isolation.


Greengate Support Groups

There are currently three support groups running on a weekly basis, out of the Greengate Wellness Centre in West Melbourne.

These groups include:

  • Women’s Menopause Group: This group is facilitated by a member of the Australasian Menopause Society, and openly discuss the risks and benefits of HRT, and the many health issues and myths surrounding the transition. Pre-menopausal women, those experiencing the symptoms of menopause, and women who have been through the transition, come together to share their concerns and experiences, while enjoying a social morning or afternoon tea.


  • Carers Group: This is a group of people who are in the position of caring for an elderly friend or family member or a disabled friend or family member. When respite is not enough, individual carers can connect and enjoy some self-care and down time, with others who really live and understand the pressures and constant anxiety of being wholly responsible for a dependant loved one.


  • Survivors of Trauma: This group is facilitated by a professionally trained counsellor, as well as a mentor, and is for women who have experienced some type of traumatic episode, or series of events during their lives, and have either completed or are going through therapy. The numbers in this group are limited and members are asked to sign a confidentiality form to protect the privacy of the members involved.


New Groups Coming Early in 2018


The T Room: The “T” Room is a weekly psycho-educational programme for women of all ages and stages of life, who want to become more motivated.

This group will run for two hours by two professional counsellors, and will include a themed morning or afternoon tea. If you want to learn be become more empowered and self- confident, and enjoy a delicious morning/afternoon tea, don’t delay…call today!

Time-Out: This is a free community service for the long-suffering city worker. If you need to restore your energy after a long day in the office, and are not ready to tackle the traffic or crowded trains straight after work…this is for you! Come and spend an hour with our friendly wellness practitioners and chill out! Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and just relax or meditate before going home. You will reinvigorate the body and mind, and this hour of Time-Out, may be just what the doctor ordered! This service is free and held every Wednesday at the Wellness centre from 6pm to 7pm.


Benefits of Support Groups

Support groups bring together people facing common issues, in a place where they can feel safe sharing personal experiences and offer one another emotional comfort and moral support. In a group you may feel less lonely, improve your coping skills and become more empowered.

The Greengate support group meetings last for two hours and include light refreshments in a comfortable, private setting. Each session cost $35, and bookings are necessary.

Time-Out is a community service, is free of charge and runs for an hour each Wednesday.   


For further information about the groups on offer, or to discuss starting up a new group, call today on 0456 683 785.