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Stress is often manifested by pressure, nervousness, strain and tension within the mind, which in turn can radically affect daily activity. Although stress, in dangerous situations, enables the body to function in a flight or fight mode, too much stress is unwelcome and can lead to prolonged physical reactions causing illness and depression. Addressing stress and managing it is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. Often learning relaxation techniques and mindfulness, help curb the excess tensions of contemporary living. Counselling can help people understand what triggers stress, and therefore embrace a skill set to limit and manage stressful situations before these develop into uncontrollable outbursts of anger, anxiety or depression.


Anxiety is a distressing state that keeps appearing at all times of the day and night. It comes from deep within our minds and identifies as a fear or a feeling of unease. Anxiety often leads to sleepless nights, when the chatter won’t stop, and troubles and concerns become our main stream of conscious thought. Continually feeling anxious can become debilitating and actually cause physical harm. Lack of sleep being the first of many stresses upon the body. Counselling, known as the ‘talking therapy’ is an avenue for redressing the balance in your life. Talking about your thoughts is therapeutic. Talking with a professional practitioner who can provide strategies for dealing with subversive thoughts - is life changing. Anxiety can be deeply rooted and manifest at any time in our lives. Anxiety is a state of mind…and minds can be changed!


Depression affects most of us at some time in our lives. Sadness, low vitality, emptiness, low self-esteem and a reduced capacity for experiencing pleasure, can be signs of depression. When these symptoms persist for two weeks or more, and the mood state is severe and interfering with normal living and ability to function, the depression could become an illness. A professional practitioner can help the client identify the pressures and strains that trigger feelings of overwhelming sadness. Reconnecting through counselling, may be the beginning of learning how to manage the depressive state, and how to deal with the stressors that occur in modern day life.