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At Greengate Consultants we offer one to one counselling in a comfortable, safe environment. We also offer family and couples counselling for those experiencing difficulties in relationships, and group work for those who prefer the support of a group setting.


Individual Counselling and Coaching

  • This involves one to one personalised sessions, usually lasting an hour.
  • Building a collaborative relationship based upon mutual trust and respect
  • Client centred, in a safe, relaxed environment
  • Non-judgemental listening and understanding
  • Providing tools and skills to deal with the complexities of modern living
  • A holistic view connecting the mental and the physical to create overall wellness


Couples and Family Counselling

  • Each person is able to speak their truth without judgement
  • Each is heard in a safe place
  • Identifying personal pain
  • Dealing with triggers and causes of relationship break-down
  • Strategies for reinventing bonds, and healing emotional wounds


Support Groups

  • Collaborating in a small peer group setting. Maximum of ten people
  • Having guidance of a trained counsellor in a facilitating role
  • Learning from the experiences of others
  • Gaining the knowledge and skill set to reconnect
  • Meeting like-minded individuals and developing friendships
  • Group sessions run over six or ten weeks 
  • Each session is approximately two hours