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Relationships are intrinsic to humanity. From our first breath we are surrounded by other people. We learn to socialise, understand our place in the family, make friends, fall in and out of love and have impact in the work place. Relationships can be volatile, dynamic, placid, boring and energising. Sometimes downright dangerous and out of control.

The counselling process can help smooth troubled waters by discovering dysfunctional communication patterns, and provide new skills for moving past the pain, and into a healing stage. Learning to reconnect and restart are fundamental tools for reinventing and invigorating damaged relationships. Working together and the art of compromise are often fundamental for new beginnings. Relationships come in many forms and include family, couples, LGBTI, friends and the workplace.


Self-esteem is how we value ourselves, and how we think others value us. Sometimes our ability to make the correct choices and decisions fail. Instead of swimming with the tide, we find ourselves treading water, or in some cases, submerged. When we suffer from a lack of self-belief, it is almost impossible to make good choices with sound judgement. Second guessing, and decision making based upon fear or poor insight can have devastating results for relationships and employment.

A counsellor will accompany the client on the journey of rediscovering the confidence and self-respect that each individual has within. With guidance people distort less, and move to greater acceptance of conflicting and confusing feelings. A supportive therapeutic structure, allows the individual safe space to be more accepting, more realistic and better able to understand and appreciate themselves. As clients become less vulnerable, they are able to reconnect with others in a direct and confident manner.